The Hellenic Law Society of California

Network for Hellenic-American Legal Professionals

The Hellenic Law Society is a non-profit organization comprised of Hellenic-American and Philhellene attorneys in California who seek to foster community, fellowship, and professional learning among its members with an emphasis on Greek legal affairs, culture, and ancestry.

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A Commitment To Hellenic Principles

The Hellenic Law Society of California seeks to preserve and foster an appreciation of Hellenism and Hellenic principles. These principles, which are especially vital for members of the legal profession, include the following:
A commitment to individual liberty, within an ordered society, reflected in the originally Hellenic idea of democracy;
A commitment to the rule of law as an instrument of justice in a civilized polity, rather than as the mechanism of technocracy or bureaucracy; and a love of learning; and
A commitment to preservation of that spirit of free inquiry (particularly into ethical matters) which is well named by the term the ancient Hellenes used, "philosophy," in its best and broadest sense.

A Diverse Collective of Legal Professionals

The members of Hellenic Law Society represent a very broad range of specialties and practice areas, including but not limited to estate planning, corporate transactions, criminal defense, civil litigation and arbitration and international practitioners. Members include accomplished attorneys in every field of law. Our members share their counsel, expertise, and tools of the trade to the benefit of all associated with the Society.

Hellenic Society Officers

Peter Lagarias

Peter Lagarias


Stella Pantazis

Stella Pantazis

Vice President

Nick Tarlson

Nick Tarlson


Peter A. Bagatelos

Peter A. Bagatelos

Assistant Treasurer

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