Athenian Award

Αθηναϊκό Βραβείο

Our Highest Honor – The Athenian Award

The Hellenic Law Society of California bestows its special recognition Athenian Award from time to time on worthy individuals who exemplify and personify the highest ideals of the ancient Athenian Culture.


Recipients of the Year Athenian Award Conferred

  • (1987) Professor George Anastoplo* – Chicago, Illinois
  • (1988) Honorable George Christopher* – Former Mayor of San Francisco San Francisco, California
  • (1992) Honorable Nicholas Petris* – California State Senator (Retired) Oakland, California
  • (1996) Honorable Peter Tamaras* – Former Member of San Francisco Board of Supervisors San Francisco, California
  • (1997) Honorable S. Lee Vavuris* – California Superior Court Judge (Retired) San Francisco, California
  • (1999) Frank P. Agnost* – Publisher, The Hellenic Journal Brisbane, California
  • (2000) Professor Thanasis Maskaleris* – San Francisco State University San Francisco, California
  • (2001) John Keker, Esq. – Prominent Attorney and Community Leader San Francisco, California
  • (2002) Honorable Louis J. Papan* – California State Assemblyman (Retired) Millbrae, California
  • (2004) Theofanis V. Economidis – Substantial contributor to Hellenism San Francisco, California
  • (2005) Vasilios B. Choulos, Esq.* – Hellenic Law Society Founder San Francisco, California
  • (2005) Peter A. Bagatelos, Esq. – Hellenic Law Society Administrative Coordinator San Francisco, California
  • (2006) Theodore A. Laliotis* – President, Hellenic Federation of California, Hellenic Leader and Businessman Palo Alto, California
  • (2007) Martha Klirinomos – Professor of English and Director Center for Modern Greek Studies College of Humanities San Francisco State University San Francisco, California
  • (2008) Frosene Phillips – Editor, The Hellenic Journal; Columnist; Church & Community Musician Orinda, California
  • (2009) Honorable George T. Choppelas – Judge of the Superior Court (Retired) San Francisco, California
  • (2011) Honorable Nicolaos Theophanous – Honorary Consul of Cyprus Lafayette, California
  • (2016) Honorable Jeff Adachi* – San Francisco Public Defender San Francisco, California
  • (2017) Honorable George V. Spanos – Judge of the Superior Court (Retired) Contra Costa County
  • (2019) Honorable Martin J. Jenkins – Justice of the California Supreme Court

* Deceased