Directors and Officers



The Society shall have not less than three (3nor more thirty (30directorsThe exact number of directors at any time within the specified limits shall be fixed by the Boardwhich shall elect or appoint all directors Board members shall be appointed from the Regular members class andto the extent possiblethe Board should reflect crosssection of the Regular membershipThe seats on the Board shall be numbered from one (1to thirty (30and shall be for staggered terms of three (3years each so that roughly onethird (1/3of the seats are voted upon annuallyTerms of Directors shall commence on January of the year of incorporationThe initial directors shall be those persons who served as directors of the Hellenic Law Society of Northern Californiaan unincorporated associationas of December 312021and such other persons appointed as directors by the incorporatorThe initial directors shall be assigned randomly by the incorporator to numbered seatswhich shall be divided into onetwoand three years terms initiallyAt the conclusion of each directortermthe appointment of director to each respective seat shall thereafter be for yearsDirectors may serve successive terms without limitationEach director shall hold office until the end of term or until successor shall have been electedThe Board may accept resignation prior to filling that vacancy with successorThe directors shall annually select from among their number Chairpersonwho shall also serve as President


The officers of the Society shall be a Chairperson of the Board, a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) (also referred to as “Treasurer“), an assistant Chief Financial Officer (Assistant CFO), and such other officers as may be elected or appointed to offices by the Board. Officers shall have powers and duties as specified herein and as may be additionally prescribed by the Board. One person may hold two or more offices, except that the President may not also concurrently serve as secretary or treasurer, and no officer shall execute, acknowledge, or verify any instrument in more than one capacity, if such instrument is required to be executed, acknowledged, or verified by two or more officers.

The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Society and shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Society.

B. The Treasurer, aided by the Assistant Treasurer, and subject to the control of the Board, shall have general supervision, direction and control of the financial accounts and records of the Society, shall have such other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board or by this Charter and Bylaws. The Treasurer is specifically empowered to secure appropriate insurance as is necessary to safeguard the Society, its Board of Directors, officers, and members from exposure to liability. The Treasurer shall make financial reports to the Board as requested.

Past & Present Chairpersons



Vasilios B. Choulos* 1985 – 1986
Peter C. Lagarias 1987 – 1989
E. John “Ted” Kleines* 1990 – 1990
Peter A. Bagatelos 1991 – 1993
Basil Plastiras 1994 – 1995
George C. Spanos 1996 – 1998
George G. Benetatos 1997 – 1999
Roberta Economidis 2000 – 2002
Zach Georgopoulos 2003 – 2003
Aspasia Papavassiliou 2004 – 2006
George V. Choulos 2007 – 2008
Marileni “Mia” Mattis 2009 – 2011
Adamont “Monty” Georgeson 2012 – 2015
George G Benetatos 2015 – 2019
Peter C. Lagarias 2020 – 2024
Stella Pantazis 2024 – Present

* Deceased

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