Scheduled Events

We regularly update this calendar to include events for our membership. Joining our newsletter is also the best way to stay informed when new events are added.

There are no upcoming events at this time

Membership  Involvement

Members of the Hellenic Law Society are encouraged to express interest in serving on committees. Regular members of the Society may serve on the Board of Directors and Officer positions. Board members are asked to serve on one of the following four committees, but all members are invited to serve on these committees:

MCLE & Education Committee: This committee plans MCLE events, recruits and vets speakers, plans and moderates the Zoom presentations, and assists on developing and maintaining records.

Membership and Mentorship Committee: This committee recruits members and sets up mentors for law students and new lawyers.

Events Committee:  This committee organizes in-person events including the Athenian Award dinner, Christmas dinner, and more.

Communications and Technology Committee: This committee works with our webmaster on maintaining the website, LinkedIn, and Facebook listings. Future plans may include a blog and newsletter should interest warrant.

Upcoming Events Of The Hellenic Law Society for 2022

MCLE Events:  Upcoming MCLE events will be posted as scheduled. During 2022 the plan is for all MCLE Events to be on Zoom. Typically the events include Back to Basics (nuts and bolts topics for practitioners or deep dives into practice areas); Constitutional Law (Constitutional law topics of deep public interest such as privacy issues, free speech issues, and gun rights and regulation issues); and Hellenism and the Law (such as the Trial of Socrates, the Plague of Ancient Athens, and most recently the Return of the Parthenon Marbles from England to Greece).

Athenian Award Dinner: Plans are commencing for a dinner likely in October 2022, with hopefully a presentation of our Athenian Award.

Dinner Events in Los Angeles and San Francisco:  Once the waning of the pandemic allows public gatherings, we hope to plan dinner events both in northern and southern California including the annual Christmas Party usually scheduled the first weekend of December.

Board Meetings:  The Board of the Hellenic Law Society meets at least once per quarter on Zoom.