Continuing Legal Education

Ακαδημία Πλάτωνος

MCLE Accreditation

The HLS has been designated by the California State Bar as a provider of Minimum Continuing Legal Education (“MCLE”) programs in the State of California. All California attorneys are required to pursue certain continuing education requirements as a condition of their licensure in California. The HLS provides a forum for the presentation of lectures on a multitude of legal topics of interest to the legal community and helps satisfy the continuing minimum legal education requirements. This is a valuable service that promotes the purposes of the HLS.

If you would like to be added to our MCLE training list and learn about our approval process, please submit your information to be included on our email notice system for our upcoming programs.


The HLS publishes an annual directory of its dues-paying members. This directory includes (a) statement of HLS principles, (b) our  Bylaws, (c) a list of past chairpersons, (d) a list of directors and officers for the current period, (e) a directory of members, including Honorary, Regular, Associate, and New Attorney/Law Student members, (f) and indexes by occupation and areas of practice, and by geography. 

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